Yin Yang Shine

14.99 12.99 USD


May the 4th be with you! There's a dark side and a light side to everything, which is what the Yin Yang icon symbolizes. This shine appears on the player list and in chat in front of your name. It includes the following features:

  • A unique white ☯ in front of your name in chat, which appears gray.
  • A white ☯ before your name in the player list, which appears gray.
  • An in-world black and white ☯ shine made of particle effects!

The title will be selected for you after purchase. Switch titles any time with the /title command.


  • /title - Select the title
  • /shine - Show your selected shine

Shine Triggers

  • Command: /shine
  • Fly with Elytra
  • Shoot an arrow
  • Teleport (ender pearl, /home, etc)