19.99 USD

Unlock the full power of the GOAT (Greatest of all Time) on the Cavetale server! Gain a new title with the flashy shine. Pick any from a growing number of badges. Stand out with our large selection of chat Emoji. Start games of tag, and more!

The GOAT rank exists in addition to our regular membership ranks. You can rank up from friendly to member, and so on, but add the GOAT rank any time. You can keep it for life, as long as we continue to provide the Cavetale Minecraft server as a service. We may add more perks to this rank in the future, just as new features get added to the server all the time.


We currently have around 1000 chat Emoji available, and are adding more every month! You can place them not only in chat, but also in your mails, and even on signs! Our constantly growing list of available chat Emoji entails the following:

  • Custom items (such as the Kitty Coins or King's Pumpkin)
  • Custom Emoji (e.g. Heart, Star, Surprised)
  • Flags (e.g. USA, Germany, Pride)
  • Rank icons (e.g. Admin, Trusted)
  • Minecraft blocks (e.g. deepslate, grass)
  • Minecraft items (e.g. diamonds, apples)
  • Unicode characters (e.g. ★, ☠)

So you can select among a vast wealth of unique chat icons which are otherwise unavailable. This picture shows your options as of the time of writing.


You use Emoji by putting their name between colons, (e.g. :diamond:). When you start typing Emoji as part of a command (such as /g, /l, /mailto, or /signedit), Minecraft's tab completion will help you by suggesting all your matching options. Speaking of which, Emoji don't only work in chat! They are integrated with the following features:

  • Chat: Global chat, local chat, private messages, etc.
  • Mails: Use /mailto to write to a friend, and include any of our Emoji in the text.
  • SignEdit: Use /signedit to edit the lines of your signs. Here you may use Emoji as well.


This rank comes with the GOAT title which is unique in that it is a custom made graphics which appears in front of your name. It also contains a shine, which is a particle effect appearing wherever you are. The title appears in several places visible on the server.


  • Whenever you type in chat, it's right in front of your name. Your name will appear golden.
  • On the player list, your name will likewise be preceded by the title, and also appear in gold colors.
  • Your name over your head, visible only to other players
  • The names of all your pets. Make your cats and dogs the GOAT as well!


To select the title and the shine, there are a few commands:

  • /title View all your titles
  • /title GOAT Select the title and shine
  • /shine goat Select the shine (along with possibly other titles)
  • /shine default Unselect your shine and use whichever shine comes with your selected title


The shine, while selected, appears under a few conditions:

  • Type /shine
  • Teleport to a new location (like /home)
  • Land an arrow
  • Fly with Elytra



Even more fancy stuff with your player name! Just like your title will appear in front of your name, the Badges will appear behind. You can select any badge you have available with the /badge command. The GOAT rank unlocks a whole couple of them, and we always add more. They will appear in a many places:

  • When you type in chat
  • In the player tab list
  • Behind your name over your head, visible to people looking at you
  • Behind the names of your pets

cd73c4b30aa477b64c02a5f046d52b3d9f530f82.pngThe Pride Shine combined with the Trademark badge. The badge adopts the rainbow colors of the shine.

Not only that, but if you combine your badge with a colorized title from the store (including GOAT, but also Pride and others), your badge will be affected by the chat color of your name as well. So with badges and titles combined, you unlock many ways to shine up the public appearance your own name.


  • /badge <name> Select a badge
  • /badge none Remove any badge


As a GOAT member, you can start a game of tag any time. Tag is a simple game where you chase chase other players and make them "it" by hitting them, and they can do the same. Stay "it" for too long and you lose the game. There's one command:

  • /wintag start Start a game of tag. You're it!