Pumpkin Shine

14.99 USD


Just in time for Earth Day (also Mother Earth Day), we bring you: The Earth Shine! This shine appears on the player list and in chat in front of your name. It includes the following features:

  • A unique Pumpkin in front of your name in chat. Requires the Server Resource Pack!
  • A Pumpkin before your name in the player list. Requires the Server Resource Pack!
  • A pumpkin in your player tag over your head!
  • Your name appears orange in chat and on the player tab list!
  • A pumpkin shaped shine!

The title will be selected for you after purchase. Switch titles any time with the /title command.


  • /title - Select the title
  • /shine - Show your selected shine

Shine Triggers

  • Command: /shine
  • Fly with Elytra
  • Shoot an arrow
  • Teleport (ender pearl, /home, etc)

Server Resource Pack Required

Please ensure that you can run our resource pack before purchasing this shine because we do not offer a refund. In order to enable our resource pack which is required to display this title in chat and on the player list:

  • In the Minecraft Launcher, click "Multiplayer" to view your server list.
  • Select the entry for Cavetale and click "Edit", or click "Add Server" to create an entry for "cavetale.com".
  • Switch to "Server Resource Packs: Enabled"
  • Click "Done" and join Cavetale. The resource pack will now load automatically every time you join.