Cowboy Hat

4.49 USD

Roleplay in the wild west and become a cowboy, with the Cowboy Hat! This is a package which contains the hat you are all familiar with from the racing event. To top it all off there are also two cowboy frog skins which you can slip into any time, and return to your original skin with the click of your mouse!

This package includes:

  • Fancy Cowboy Hat
  • Bonus Skin: Green Cowboy Frog
  • Bonus Skin: Orange Cowboy Frog


To open the wardrobe, use the command: /wardrobe

Click the item you would like to display and it will be equipped. Any purchased package stays in your wardrobe forever and is always available for you on our servers. No need to worry about storing them somewhere. Items are cosmetic only and serve no purpose for the gameplay.

Your purchase will become unlocked within a minute of purchasing this package! When in doubt, don't hesitate to contact StarTux on Discord or in game.

Server Resource Pack Required

Please ensure that you can run our Server Resource Pack before purchasing this wardrobe item because we do not offer a refund. Wardrobe items, along with all custom titles, items, blocks and entities, are only visible to people who enable this resource pack. Although we do not enforce it, we consider it essential to play on Cavetale. In order to enable our server resource pack, follow these steps:

  • In the official Minecraft Launcher, click "Multiplayer" to view your server list.
  • Click "Edit" on the Cavetale entry, or "Add Server" to create an entry for "".
  • Switch to "Server Resource Packs: Enabled"
  • Click "Done" ad join this server. The pack will load automatically!