Welcome to the Cavetale store!

Here we offer you purchases which will help us keep the server running and improve it with cool new features.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the #questions Discord channel. An invite to our Discord is available via the in-game /discord command.

We appreciate your purchase! We have been hosting the server just fine and will continue, so don’t worry if this store is beyond your means. However, there are a few cool things we could do with additional funds:

  • Rent more powerful hardware to run Cavetale more smoothly
  • Host more servers, like FTB, Minigames, or Winnilla
  • Add more features to the game
  • Improve the website
  • Invest in advertising to attract more people to join us

First and foremost, any amount will keep us motivated to keep working on further feature improvements, such as events, custom items, plugins, and much more! All purchases are not refundable.

Thank you very much for considering us for your support!