Our store is now open and offers a variety of cosmetic gameplay enhancements.  It exists to help support the continuous development and maintenance of our services and holds itself to certain principles to ensure transparency, fairness, and friendliness to customers and non-customers alike.  This channel will keep you updated on novelties and deals as they appear on the store.

Cavetale is a public Minecraft server offering survival, creative, and mini-games.  Our team is happy to provide you with free custom made weekly events, game maps, blocks and items, game modes, and fantastic worlds to explore.  All of the above requires countles hours of work on design, development, maintenance, and moderation, not to mention significant funds for the monthly upkeep.

The store is entirely voluntary and regardless if you're willing and able to make a purchase right now, you will always be able to enjoy Cavetale just like anyone else, without any pressure to spend. None of the items are required to play, nor do they give an unfair advantage over other players.


Transparency.  Each item has a clearly described price and use. Prices on the store are not obfuscated by additional virtual currencies, nor do you pay to gamble for items.  The store will let you know the cost of an item and you can decide whether you would like to purchase it.

Fairness.  Each store item is assigned an affordable price, and constitues either a singular purchase or a recurring subscription. There is a clear limitation on how much anyone could spend and nobody should feel encouraged to expend more and more funds to progress.

Friendliness.  All items are just for fun and will not give their owner a significant gameplay advantage over anyone else.  Paying players will not be able to walk over you, regardless whether you are a paying player yourself or not.  Cavetale is primarily a cooperative server, and as such, purchases are to benefit everybody.

We appreciate your support and wish to create a store which helps enrich our offering on the servers without taking anything away.


GOAT is where we sell our most important paid rank: The GOAT . This is a title and shine you can wear which comes with many small perks in chat. You can use emoji (e.g. `:kitty_coin:`) in chat, on signs, and on armor stands. Included are also a wide selection of badges and the tag mini game.

Shines are fancier titles. They often come with a special character or custom design in front of your name in chat and the player list. Some have a badge which goes behind your name. They all show their "shine" which is a particle effect in game.

Flags are a selection of flags which can go in front of your name or behind, both in chat and the player list.

Wardrobe is where you find a variety of hats, accessories, and handheld items to use on the Cavetale server.

Mounts is the latest section which offers wardrobe items which you can ride on and move around in the world.

We are NOT affiliated with Mojang or Minecraft.