The wardrobe contains curated packages of custom skins and decorative items that you can put on or take of while in-game any time. For the items to be visible, the Server Resource Pack is required.

Please ensure that you can run our resource pack before purchasing this shine because we do not offer a refund. In order to enable our resource pack which is required to display this title in chat and on the player list:

  • In the Minecraft Launcher, click "Multiplayer" to view your server list.
  • Select the entry for Cavetale and click "Edit", or click "Add Server" to create an entry for "cavetale.com".
  • Switch to "Server Resource Packs: Enabled"
  • Click "Done" and join Cavetale. The resource pack will now load automatically every time you join.

Red Laser Sword

Blue Laser Sword

White Bunny Costume